Organized Answers to Questions Posed to the Mecklenburg County Manager

The following answers are not MLS rules.  This information is based on questions that were sent to the Mecklenburg County Manager. The answers provided by the Mecklenburg County Manager are to be followed for the duration of the Mecklenburg County Stay at Home Order (the “Order”), which went into effect on Thursday, March 26, 2020, and has been extended to April 29, 2020.

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1. Homes That Were Under Contract At Time Order Was Issued

  • Homes that were under contract with vested money (in the form of earnest money or mortgage loan commitments – not mere due diligence fees alone) at the time the Order was issued may move forward to close with the stipulations set out in the amendments to the Stay at Home Order.

  • Walk-through prior to closing:
    • No more than three people may be in the residence at any given time. This allows for the agent and up to two of the buyers.
    • Each person present must maintain Centers for Disease Control (CDC) compliance at all times in all applicable areas.
    • Practice social/physical distancing: stay at least six feet apart from other people.
    • Do not participate if you have any symptoms or fever.
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
    • Cover your cough in your sleeve or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
    • Clean and disinfect any objects or surfaces touched using a regular household cleaning product.
    • Wash your hands often for at least twenty (20) seconds on entering and leaving the dwelling with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains 60%-95% alcohol.
    • The agent is responsible for supplying cleaning products and hand washing products.
    • Owners/sellers should not be in the residence at the time if the subject property is owner occupied.

  • Closing
    • To the extent electronic signatures may be lawfully obtained and used, choose this option to close the transaction.
    • For all face-to-face closings, CDC recommendations (as outlined above) should be followed.

2. Showings 

  • All in-person showings for any property, sale or rental (other than vacant properties – which means completely empty and with no furniture or other items) are prohibited.

  • Virtual showings are permitted.

  • Vacant Property – the agent must:
    • Maintain at least six (6) feet distance from other individuals.
    • Wash hands using soap and water for at least twenty (20) seconds as frequently as possible and numerous times throughout the day or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains 60%-95% alcohol.
    • Regularly clean high-touch surfaces. [In vacant homes and rental units agents will be solely responsible for cleaning high-touch services throughout the vacant property.]

3. New Listings

  • When a seller has a financial need to move and has no option to “stay-in-place”
    • Allowable – everything virtual to the extent possible
      • If electronic signatures are not possible, agents may drop off documents in an agreed upon location and leave the property. Sellers should sign and put documents back in the agreed upon location for the agent to return and retrieve.
      • Agent may take a photo of the front of the house for the listing.

  • New listings may be taken by agents during this time; however, everything should be done virtually and face-to-face interaction should be avoided.

  • Measurements – May ONLY be performed by measurement companies on VACANT properties (see definition above).

  • Photography/Virtual Tours – May only provide services in VACANT properties. One photographer or videographer may be in the home at a time.
    • For all other photography and virtual tours, sellers of the occupied home must create their own virtual tours and/or take photos.

4. New Buyers/Renters

  • Allowable: selling or renting/leasing property to consumers who are or are about to be in a position where they have no option to “stay-in-place, for example:
    • Sellers who have sold their home and have not bought or rented;
    • Individuals or families who have moved into the county for employment and have not bought or rented a home; or
    • Tenants losing their current residence due to sale of the property or non-renewal of the lease who need an immediate place to live.

5. Due Diligence Fees and Viewing the Property

  • If an offer is placed on a property for sale and due diligence money is paid:
    • The buyer may not view the property to decide whether to proceed with the purchase.
    • The buyer may only view the home prior to closing ONE time as outlined above in (1). All other “viewings” must be done virtually OR after the home is completely vacant or the Order is no longer in force.

  • Prohibited: Sellers may not show their own home to a prospective purchaser in person.

6. Inspections

  • Inspectors are considered essential but can ONLY inspect once there is an accepted offer.

  • A buyer MAY NOT attend the inspection.

7. Other Counties